Drunk Driver goes to police station with severed head that flew into his car – There’s one problem!!!

Let’s call this story “unusual”

A man accidentally decapitated a pensioner while travelling along a road in Chibi, central China, before driving off.

The driver, who identified himself as Yuan, 27, panicked and went straight to the local police station when the head landed in his passenger seat, reported People’s Daily Online.

However, Yuan, who had been drinking and tested positive for drugs, seems not to have realised that he was the person who decapitated the pensioner and insisted that it was down to another motorist. He has now been arrested, pending further investigation.

According to reports, the incident took place on November 28.

It had been raining all day in the area and driving conditions were extremely treacherous.

Two officers had been on duty at around 10pm local time when a man burst in through the door, claiming to have a severed head in his passenger seat.

Yuan claimed he was driving along the road behind a motorbike when the head suddenly flew through the windshield.

Police found the severed head as he described as well as a severely damaged car.

But when they went to find the body, it wasn’t where Yuan had reported.

However, Yuan was also behaving strangely and smelt strongly of alcohol.

After a urine test, Yuan was found to have drugs in his system.

Obviously, the lesson here is it’s a terrible idea to drive drunk. That said, the odds are surely against decapitating pedestrians if you do.

Yuan won’t be driving drunk anymore, though. China’s roads are a bit safer now.

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