Watch What Hillary Does After Being Told That 6 Soldiers Died…

Watch What Hillary Does After Being Told That 6 Soldiers Died…

Is ANYONE surprised by this? I don’t think so. The Hildabeast has never given a flying crap about our military. In fact, she despises them and shows it at every turn. Just about every account that you hear of her having an encounter with the military is either staged or it is her showing her disdain for them. Let’s be blunt… she hates the military. They are a tool of convenience for Hillary. So, when Huma Abedin tells her in 2011 that six American soldiers just died in the Middle East, I’m not surprised at all that her response had to do with high end shopping. That’s far more interesting to her than our brave boys and girls dying in a conflict she fomented.

Hillary Clinton

From Western Journalism:

In the most recent batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department, the candidate for the nation’s next commander-in-chief appeared to show particular callousness regarding the death of six American soldiers.

Clinton top aide Huma Abedin emailed the then secretary of state in December 2011, informing her of the death of the American soldiers, who were serving in the Middle East. Clinton’s response was: “Is Dalton Brody off Conn or Wisconsin?” Dalton Brody is a Washington, DC, gifts and accessories store, which sells such items as leather goods, crystal, and pottery, according to its website.

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According to Fox News, the State Department reported finding an additional 328 emails containing classified information in them, which brings the total to nearly 1000.

There is no way this woman should be out and walking about free. Hillary is an accessory to the murders in Libya. Both her and Barack Obama are responsible for those deaths. I believe she was totally cool with that. Her and Obama were picking between two videos to blame as Ambassador Stevens was raped and killed and as the others were murdered as well. What difference does it make? The kind where this woman is a stone cold sociopath who should be donning an orange jumpsuit behind bars for the rest of her miserable life, not running for the presidency. How cold and uncaring can you get? The few emails you see and her response in just this one tells you all you need to know about the woman. She’s just evil.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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