Archaeology Team Makes Major Discovery That Backs Key Part of the Bible

Archaeology Team Makes Major Discovery That Backs Key Part of the Bible

Religious or not, you have to admit that this is NOT coincidence.


From Tell Me Now:

An archaeology team from New Mexico’s Trinity Southwest University has made a discovery that has left atheists all over the world speechless.

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According to Conservative Tribune, the team of researchers has reportedly found the ruins of the biblical city of Sodom, meaning that it was not destroyed as was previously believed.

The Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, led by Steve Collins, discovered the ruins in Southern Jordan, and their dig revealed that the city came to an abrupt end in the Middle Bronze Age, from 2000-1540 BC. Tests show that no life existed there for at least 700 years after the city ended.

This discovery supports the bible’s account of Sodom and Gomorrah, which was destroyed because of the city’s sinfulness.

This was a huge victory for Collins’ team, who had been digging in the area for 10 years.

“Tall el-Hammam seemed to match every Sodom criterion demanded by the text,” Collins said. “Even most of the archaeological maps of the area were blank, or mostly so. What we’ve got on our hands is a major city-state that was, for all practical purposes, unknown to scholars before we started our project.”

Atheists have long claimed that the city of Sodom was a biblical myth, but this proves once and for all that they were WRONG!

This is AMAZING! Believers: 1 Atheists: 0

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