Food Bank Falls Victim to War on Christianity

Here’s how militant atheists wish the poor a Merry Christmas:

In a letter to a South Carolina school district, the American Humanist Association threatened to sue if students at Oakbrook Elementary School in Ladson didn’t stop raising money for a local Baptist Church’s food pantry.

The Dorchester School District Two caved and “agreed not to sponsor or endorse churches and religious institutions in the future.”

The Humanist Association claims they received complaints from some parents after the school council decided to hold a fundraiser for the Old Fort Baptist Church food pantry. The food pantry, by the way, does not have a religious test when handing out food to the needy.

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As we have seen, it only takes one moonbat making a complaint and liberals have their pretext to shut down anything that reminds anyone of Christianity.

“The purpose of this letter is to advise you that such school-sponsored fundraising efforts – the proceeds of which go directly to an evangelical Christian Church – must immediately cease, and that our organization will pursue the matter through litigation in federal court if it does not,” Monica Miller, an attorney with the Appignani Humanist Legal Center in Washington, D.C., said in the letter.

The old brownshirts broke windows. The new brownshirts threaten to sic lawyers on you, knowing that the legal fees will crush you even if you manage to prevail in liberal-run courts.


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