Thug Aims His Gun In A NYPD Cop’s Face, Pulls The Trigger — Not Realizing It Was Empty

My only question here is why didn’t the officers shoot this thug? After he tried to execute the cop, he put the gun in his pocket and ran. He was tackled a few blocks later and taken into custody. It looks to me like this kid wasn’t just shooting things up for fun, he wanted to kill a cop by luring them to the building. Math must not be his strong point, as he miscalculated how many shots he fired before aiming at the cop’s head and pulling the trigger twice. Evil is inherently stupid. This could have ended very badly on an already very bad day.

From Three Percenter Nation:

A Bronx teen who twice pointed his gun at cops and pulled the trigger — only to realize that he’d just emptied the weapon shooting out apartment windows — nearly hit several residents with his gunfire, police sources and witnesses said Sunday.

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Raymond Leonardo, 17, had wildly fired six shots into a building on East 140th Street in Mott Haven around 9 p.m. Saturday before he aimed the gun at responding officers who showed up to answer a 911 call, police said.

The shooting occurred on the same day that two Brooklyn officers were killed execution-style by a cop-hating psycho.

After firing at the building, Leonardo was chased a couple blocks before he turned and pointed his .357-caliber revolver at officers standing just feet from him and tried to squeeze off two rounds — but the gun was empty, authorities said.

It looks like he used up all of his bullets’ firing at the windows,” a law-enforcement source said.

Source: New York Post

Raymond Leonardo, 17, wildly shot 6 rounds into building windows. He almost hit several people. Thankfully, he’s a lousy shot. This on the same day that two Brooklyn officers were killed execution-style by a cop-hating radical, gang banger Jihadist. Gee, what a coincidence. He’s facing several gun and menacing charges. I hope that includes attempted murder. I doubt, at this point, that officers will be giving the benefit of the doubt to these thugs on whether they will kill them or not. I’d shoot first and worry about that later. Since the police are now on a war footing, their guns are their very best friends. They’ll be watching things uber closely and trusting no one. I don’t blame them. You pull a gun on a cop, you get put down… permanently.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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