My Transparent Life: Liberal Family Values From ABC Family

Another helping of social engineering is headed for your living room, compliments of the moonbats in control of what is shown on TV:

ABC Family has ordered a documentary show called My Transparent Life straight to series from Ryan Seacrest Productions, which will focus on a teenage boy as he deals with major changes to his home life.

My Transparent Life will follow Ben, a teenager who learns both that his parents are going to divorce and that his father, Charlie, is transitioning into Carly.

Given the political climate that prevails, it is unthinkable that the show will not encourage viewers to approve of Charlie becoming a transsexual.

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The apparent purpose is to further normalize if not glamorize the disintegration of the family, morbid self-indulgence, and sexual abnormality, in accordance with modern liberal values. Attitudes are shaped to an alarming degree by what kids grow up watching on TV.

You might want to consider making a transition of your own: to a television-free household.

Not one you should let anywhere near yours.

On a tip from Dean D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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