North Korea threatens to blow up the White House after claiming they found ‘clear evidence’ that the GOVERNMENT was behind the controversial Sony film ‘The Interview’ [Video]

Honesty, Kim Jong-Un reminds me of a really cheesy villain from an old Bond flick. Having said that, this is no laughing matter. My sources tell me that Russia and China were both involved in this with North Korea. But the NoKos want it both ways… they didn’t do it, but want full credit for it. Crazy is as crazy does. According to at least one defector of the Hermit Kingdom, the North Korean government has a vast network of hackers devoted to cyberwarfare against perceived enemies of the Stalinist state. But behind it all, lurks China, with Russia as their hacking buddy.

Government stooges? The North Koreans claimed to have evidence director Seth Rogen,
left with co-star James Franco, were given instructions by White House officials.

From the Daily Mail:

North Korea has threatened more attacks against the U.S. government and other American institutions in the wake of the hack on Sony which cancelled the release of The Interview.

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The government – which was outraged by the film showing the assassination of leader Kim Jong Un – also claimed to have ‘clear evidence’ that the U.S. government engineered the project as a ‘propaganda’ attack against North Korea.

In a ranting post published by the state news agency KCNA, Korean authorities hit back in an escalating war of words in which they say they will ‘blow up’ the White House – while bizarrely continuing to deny they have anything to do with the cyber attacks on Sony.

Referring to the United States as a ‘cesspool of terrorism’, the communist dictatorship said that it has already lashed out at the ‘citadels of the U.S. imperialists’, naming the White House and Pentagon in particular.

A release, translated from Korean, said: ‘The DPRK [North Korea] has already launched the toughest counteraction.

‘Nothing is a more serious miscalculation than guessing that just a single movie production company is the target of this counteraction.’

‘Our target is all the citadels of the U.S. imperialists who earned the bitterest grudge of all Koreans.

‘The army and people of the DPRK are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the U.S. in all war spaces including cyber warfare space to blow up those citadels.’

But despite its bellicose language, the state continued to deny it had anything to do with the original hack, for which a group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace has claimed credit.

North Korea called the hack a ‘righteous deed’ – and reiterated that it ‘highly esteems’ the attack – but said it had no idea where it came from.

FBI officials have explicitly linked the attack to the Korean regime, saying that technical details from the hack have Korean hallmarks.

But Kim Jong Un’s officials responded by calling FBI claims a ‘fabrication’, and describing U.S. actions as ‘gangster-like’.

According to the post, the North Korean government is also convinced that directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were under direct instruction from U.S. officials, who told them to include extra scenes to ‘insult the dignity’ of North Korea.

They said: ‘It is said that the movie was conceived and produced according to the ‘guidelines’ of the U.S. authorities who contended that such movies hurting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and inciting terrorism against it would be used in an effective way as “propaganda against north Korea”.

‘The U.S. Department of State’s special human rights envoy went the lengths of urging the movie makers to keep all scenes insulting the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership in the movie, saying it is needed to “vex the north Korean government”.

‘The facts glaringly show that the U.S. is the chief culprit of terrorism as it has loudly called for combating terrorism everywhere in the world but schemed behind the scene to produce and distribute movies inciting it in various countries of the world.’

Sony cancelled The Interview’s slated December 25 release last week after the hackers threatened real-world attacks on cinemas screening it.

The vast majority of cinema chains which were set to screen the movie pulled it after the threats.

I don’t believe the chubby, little fascist dictator’s claims that he will blow up the White House and Pentagon over a stupid movie. However, China and Russia already have all kinds of nifty malware implanted throughout our infrastructure. I think this was a test to see how we would react. It’s a warmup for something much, much bigger and more deadly than hacking entertainment sources. We don’t need the government to tell us how to make mind-numbing, bad movies either, thank you very much. We have more than enough idiots who write bad scripts. The least funny joke of all though is Obama claiming he will retaliate. He never has, he never will. He welcomes the chaos.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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