Gov. Greg Abbott Of Texas Has Declared “A Day Of Prayer” In Wake Of Harvey’s Destruction

Gov. Greg Abbott Of Texas Has Declared “A Day Of Prayer” In Wake Of Harvey’s Destruction

The Republican Governor of Texas has proclaimed a day of prayer to help the people impacted by Hurricane Harvey, so now we get to enjoy the angry leftists who think it’s a bunch of worthless mumbo-jumbo.

But first, something we all forget because it is so ingrained in our culture: Charity is a Christian virtue. If you spoke to the ancient, pre-Christian philosophers like Aristotle, they would’ve called you crazy for helping your neighbor unless you got something back in return. Love Thy Neighbor Like Yourself is a very Western, very Judeo-Christian idea. The coming together of neighbors in Houston is very inspiring to the rest of us. It isn’t government out there saving grandparents on jet skis, it’s the Chick-fil-A’s manager’s husband.

A day of prayer will bring in more good works because so many people will contemplate the needs of others before themselves. Texas Gov. Abbot has declared Sunday, September 3rd, to be a statewide Day of Prayer and his office encourages Texans from “all faiths and religious traditions and backgrounds” to focus and pray for first responders and the military personnel who are putting themselves in danger to help out. As well, participants should pray for the people injured during the storm and for communities as a whole.

In giving his announcement, Abbott said that throughout the history of Texas, its people “have been strengthened and lifted through prayer, and it is fitting that Texans join together in prayer in this time of crisis.”

He also said that the disaster has shown that Texans have demonstrated their power by helping fellow Texans. Gov. Abbott hopes that this dedicated day will “bring people together once more.” He expressed that the people of the state have remained strong throughout the Hurricane and its aftermath, and that he hoped that this Day of Prayer will strengthen them once again.

With much of Houston and the surrounding area devastated by flood waters from heavy rains, others who feel helpless to support the relief effort can join in. At this point, at keaat 38 people are dead due to causes related to the storm and thousands of people are still unable to return to their homes.

Gov. Abbot recently praised Donald Trump’s energy and compassionn for the people of Texas after Trump was attacked over his response. Trump personally donated one million dollars to relief efforts. So far, I haven’t found any negative response to that gift, but I can guarantee every lefty online magazine is thinking up a new way to call it a terrible act.

Maybe they should try out selflessness and prayer for a bit, too.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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