Army Vehicle Gets Stuck In Harvey Floodwater, Until A MONSTER Truck Shows Up! [VIDEO]

Army Vehicle Gets Stuck In Harvey Floodwater, Until A MONSTER Truck Shows Up! [VIDEO]

How awesome is this! Among the many heroes coming out of the catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey, one of my favorites is what they call the “Red Neck Army.” While rescuing victims of the flooding, a US Army National Guard vehicle got itself stuck in floodwaters. People flagged down a monster truck from the “Red Neck Army” and they hauled the military vehicle out of its predicament back onto dry land. Now, that’s badass. It was all caught on video and went uber viral.

The mastermind behind all this is Josh James. He lives in Houston and he’s the one that took the video. It all started when he brought his friends together from the dirt racetrack — Rednecks with Paychecks — in Dallas. He enlisted the aid of five monster trucks and they came to Houston to contribute to rescue efforts there. They are perfect for navigating floodwaters because they are soooo high off the ground. James also coordinated a rescue team of 200 boats, 300 trucks and 600 personnel. No one asked him to, he just did it. He led the way and lots of folks followed. That’s the kind of hero we need.

All of this started last Saturday, the day after Harvey hit. Since then, they have rescued thousands of victims of the storm and saved countless lives. This is a group outside of police, firefighters and SWAT, who have also done the work of heroes. There are now over 32,000 people displaced and in shelters in Houston. At least 46 are now dead and they expect the death toll to rise dramatically as the flood waters recede. Over 180,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by the storm. Half a billion in mortgages just evaporated.

James’ volunteers came from all over Texas and the US and that includes the Cajun Army. “We literally have people from all over,” James said. He also volunteered with his personal vehicle. “I have a lifted Jeep that can get to more places that people can’t,” he said. “That’s what drove me out.”

Reports are coming in that the damages right now total over $30 billion, but again… that number will escalate to over $100 billion before this is all said and done. Here in Oklahoma, even before the storm hit, gas prices spiked twenty cents a gallon. Now they are really going up. Oil and gas refineries have shut down and we don’t know when they will come back online. The Colonial Pipeline also shut down that services the east coast. Yesterday, we filled our tank and we will keep it filled as much as we can. Hurricane Harvey didn’t just impact Texas, it hit all of us and we are about to feel that pain.

“It’s an amazing feeling to see how strong our community is coming together,” James said. I have seen many, many good people helping others without a thought for themselves and it just warms your heart. Police officers had their own homes destroyed, but were out there rescuing people. Parents gave their lives to save their children. Men with boats came from everywhere to save people. And Texan businesses have opened their doors at their own cost to help others get through this. This is what being an American is all about… it is who we are. In the midst of tragedy, you see real heroes and true goodness come through. It really restores your faith in people.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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