Meet the Truly Marginalized: Christians in Britain

Meet the Truly Marginalized: Christians in Britain

The top layers of the P.C. caste system are reserved for the marginalized, if by “marginalized” you mean privileged. Special interest groups that are catered to by the establishment at every opportunity, and which it is forbidden to criticize, are hardly marginalized; if they were, there would be some escape from their belligerent demands. Christians have a very different experience:

More than 90 per cent of Christians in the UK believe their faith is being marginalized in British society, a survey has revealed.

It also found a majority of Christians thought their faith was not given the same respect as other religions in the UK, with most feeling it was considered unacceptable for them to share their beliefs in public.

The survey, conducted by Premier Christian Communications, questioned more than 12,000 “ordinary Christians” as part of a ‘State of the Faith’ study.

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Half of the respondents report having experienced prejudice because of their faith. Having supposedly experienced discrimination is a badge of honor among politically favored groups, often serving as their only notable source of pride. Yet there sit Christians at the bottom of the caste system, openly reviled in the culture that is presented to us as our own by the media.

What Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School called “repressive tolerance” is inflicted particularly unmercifully on the young:

Younger Christians were more likely to say that they experienced prejudice for their faith, with 70 per cent of respondents aged 15 to 19 reporting negative experiences.

Only the strongest among them will hold onto their faith.

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