Man Who Told 6 Year-Old Boy To Bite Pillow During Horrific Sexual Attacks Jailed – Young Victim Severely Traumatized

Man Who Told 6 Year-Old Boy To Bite Pillow During Horrific Sexual Attacks Jailed – Young Victim Severely Traumatized

This monster should be executed, not jailed. John Bell, a Brit, raped a six year-old boy over and over and over again. He told him to bite a pillow while he was being raped. This beast was just sentenced to 17 years in prison. How is that anywhere near real justice? The attacks left the child severely psychologically traumatized. Probably permanently. This little child had already been raped by another member in the family before Bell got a hold of him. He should be put to death slowly and painfully for doing this.

The little boy now constantly tears up his toys and clothes. He was helpless and all that anger at not being able to protect himself or waiting for someone to protect him personally, is just bubbling up and overflowing. I can’t imagine what this poor child is going through, but it must be nightmarish. He should have been loved and played with… held and cherished by his parents. Instead he become the plaything of a demon. My heart breaks for him.

From the Daily Mail:

A paedophile who told a six-year-old boy to bite a pillow while repeatedly raping him in a series of shocking attacks has been jailed for 17 years.

John Bell subjected the terrified youngster to a series of painful sex attacks which have left him severely psychologically traumatised.

A court heard Bell knew the boy had already been raped by a member of his family but that didn’t stop him subjecting him to further horrific abuse.

The victim has been left so damaged by his ordeal he has been tearing up his clothes and damaging his toys.

Trained mechanic Bell, 30, of Throckley, Newcastle, maintained his innocence but a jury found him guilty of six counts of rape after a trial.

Bell insisted he was innocent, but a jury nailed him on six counts of rape as they should have. The judge had plenty to say to Bell. The boy was told not to tell his mother about the rapes – he was threatened. He was scared witless over the attacks and felt it was his fault. He’s only six, how could you do that to a baby like that? The rapes occurred on a regular basis… they were frequent. Bell groomed this child. He gave him candy and took him on motorbike rides… he’s a predator.

The little boy is seven or so now. He’s receiving counseling. He tries to harm himself and scratches until he bleeds. And yet, his attacker claims he did nothing wrong. His attorney says that Bell was abused as well and that he has a drinking problem. He says being in custody has been good for him. You know what would be better? A dirt nap.

John Bell has been jailed for 17 years for a shocking series of attacks on a six year-old boy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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