Dems and Reps React to John McCain’s Brain Cancer – And It Sounds Like Unity

Dems and Reps React to John McCain’s Brain Cancer – And It Sounds Like Unity

John McCain’s cancer diagnosis has shown that people on both sides of the aisle can come together when it counts. While the political atmosphere is often described as toxic, it’s important to remember that while many lawmakers disagree politically, they also like and respect each other. So it’s not surprising to see such an incredible and positive bipartisan response to McCain’s diagnosis.

McCain, a moderate Republican, is not only a politician who has served for decades in the Senate, he’s also a war hero who served his country with courage and honor, while enduring torture for almost six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. And many of his colleagues in Washington, D.C. are rooting for him to beat this particularly deadly form of cancer.

President Barack Obama said that cancer “doesn’t know what it’s up against” and urged McCain to “give it hell.”

Hillary Clinton praised McCain’s toughness:

While Tim Kaine called him an American hero:

Nancy Pelosi said that she was “privileged” to call McCain a friend.

And the tributes kept coming and coming and coming.

One of the most touching responses came — unsurprisingly — from Mcain’s daughter, Meghan, who released a statement expressing her love for her father and saying that she doesn’t want to live in a world without him in it.

Here’s hoping and praying that McCain has a quick and full recovery.

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