NC man wants his Merry Christmas billboards to go viral

NC man wants his Merry Christmas billboards to go viral

The East Coast is being decorated by Merry Christmas billboards and I don’t hear anyone is complaining.

merry christmas

David Johnson started with just one of the Merry Christmas billboards last year in Pender County.

But now he’s putting the billboards up across North Carolina and the entire East Coast.

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There are 28 billboards total and they read “Merry Christmas” with the word Christ underlined. The majority are in North Carolina, as a map on Johnson’s website shows.

I don’t see anything wrong with the billboard, do you?

Would you care if someone put up a Kwanzaa or Three Kings billboard? No. You wouldn’t because you don’t care what other people do and you’re not offended by other people’s religions or beliefs.

I hope someone complains about this so that we can remind that person how big of an imbecile they are.

Frank Lea

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