The police came to see this ISIS Christmas display, but they realized it was okay when…

Did they go too far?


Apparently, if your Christmas lights display involves having Santa Claus peeing on an ISIS sign it will stir some controversy in the neighborhood

A Maine family has a Christmas display they find patriotic but their neighbors seem to find tasteless.

The display, which is outside a house in Limerick, shows Santa ‘peeing’ off the top rail of a deck via a stream of white lights down on the word ISIS spelled out in illuminated letters.

Neighbors called the York County Sheriff’s Office about the controversial display on Friday.

They couldn’t tell what was happening in the display and just saw ISIS in bright lights, leading them to think a ‘possible ISIS sympathizer’ was behind the display, the New York Daily News reported.

But the problem was in the execution, not the thought process…

Deputies spoke with homeowner and he agreed to rearrange the lights so that it was clear the display was showing an anti-Islamic State message, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Sheriff William King Jr said: ‘no law was broken and we did not tell him to take the lights down or to reconfigure anything’.

He said the homeowner believed the display was ‘pro-America’.

King added: ‘He doesn’t like what’s going on in the world, so he wanted to make his own little political statement.

‘He probably should’ve [used] yellow lights.

‘But he used white lights.

‘You couldn’t really distinguish what Santa was doing.’

One caveat to the sheriff’s advice, though – when it comes to displays depicting micturation, a little realism can go a long way.

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