VIDEO: The Crying Poodle Who Doesn’t Like Being Scolded By Its Owner

No, dogs don’t cry. Except maybe in China

A repentant pooch was captured in some heartbreaking footage appearing to cry real tears while being told off by its owner.
The poodle was filmed at home in Haikou, Hainan Province, China blinking with tears in its eyes while being reprimanded for eating too many areca nuts, also known as betel nuts.

In the clip the owner says to the dog: ‘Why did you eat so many betel nuts yesterday?’

‘Uncle brought three bags yesterday and you ate them all. It’s not healthy to eat too many betel nuts.’
He adds: ‘And you make a mess everywhere.

‘I only ate one bag out of the three brought by uncle – is this the right thing for you to do?’

Throughout the video tears appear to roll down the dog’s face as it stares up at its owner with a look of concern.

The dog experts all say that browbeating your dog for bad behavior is useless unless you all but capture the pooch in the act. This guy was yelling at his dog for eating a bunch of nuts the day before. It’s not a surprise the dog started crying – it didn’t have a clue what he was griping about.

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