How Republicans Should Handle Racial Controversies In The Future

As everyone has seen with Harry Reid, charges of “racism” in politics are often treated as a game and here’s the way it’s currently played:

1) A politician or well known personality makes a statement that may be interpreted by some people as racist.

2) That person then runs to a bevy of prominent, liberal black Americans asking to be forgiven.

3) If that person is a Democrat, forgiveness is given and the scandal ends.

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4) If that person is a Republican, forgiveness isn’t given and a scalp is demanded.

Here’s how I propose to change the game.

When people on the right say something that may be interpreted as racist, they absolutely SHOULD NOT run to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or the NAACP. Those are representatives of LIBERAL black Americans.

Instead, they should talk to people like Michael Steele, Larry Elder, Jesse Lee Peterson of BOND, and representatives of Project 21.

There are two big pluses to doing this.

#1) Since we’re talking about black conservatives here, they are not going to publicly crucify a Republican for the crime of being to the right-of-center.

#2) It elevates prominent black conservatives and conservative groups, which is something that is going to have to eventually happen if Republicans are going to make inroads into black America.

Of course, Sharpton, Jackson, and the rest of race hustling poverty pimps are going to complain, which is when the person in trouble responds with some variation of, “Well, they’re liberals. Of course, I’m not going to get a fair hearing from them.”

Now, I don’t want to put this out there as some sort of cure all for Republicans who make dumb comments. If you say something undeniably racist, it’s going to be a disaster, no matter how you handle it.

However, what I am saying is that this would be a better, smarter way for Republicans to handle racial controversies in the future.

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