LA Times Spins Hard For Harry Reid

You know what is to blame for Harry Reid’s comment, which, had he had an “R” next to his name, would have had the media calling for him to resign from the Senate? Read on and see

Harry Reid doesn’t owe me an apology.

Sure, it was a little odd to see the term “Negro” used outside of a history class or documentary. Sounds like Reid is stuck in the last century.

But the Senate majority leader didn’t say anything many Americans — especially us Negroes — don’t already know.

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If you’re black, it is easier in this country to be light-skinned.

That’s borne out not just by anecdote and experience, but by research documenting favorable treatment for fair-skinned blacks in criminal cases, employment prospects, even social and romantic liaisons.

Studies have shown that darker-skinned blacks are more likely to be unemployed, earn less and hold lower-prestige jobs. In the criminal justice system, convicted murderers with “stereotypically black” features are more than twice as likely as light-skinned defendants to receive death sentences from juries.

Don’t blame Reid for the preference. Blame bigotry. Blame history.

Oh. So, it is the Democrat Party’s fault. The Party that gave rise to the KKK, the party which was dead set against (mostly) racial equality and integration, the Party that prefered segregation, the Party which was mostly against the Civil Rights Act, the Party which likes to keep blacks “on the plantation,” as Hillary said, the Party that likes to treat Blacks as chattel for elections, the Party that thinks Blacks are so pitiful and incompetent that they have to pass special laws to protect them.

You know what offends the writer, Sandy Banks? Michael Steele, a black man, calling for Reid to step down. Because that is politics, or something. You know, something like an “R” next to his name.

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