VIDEO=> #BlackLivesMatter Disrupts Chicago Gay Rights Parade, 2 People Shot

VIDEO= data-src= #BlackLivesMatter Disrupts Chicago Gay Rights Parade, 2 People Shot" />

Gee, I thought all lives mattered. Things have just gone full-bore nutcakes when you have a racist black group attacking a gay pride group. I don’t see how being gay is racist though – sexual preference is a human condition, not one of skin color. But any excuse in Chicago to gun down two people will do. How very American and on a Sunday too. Cops got the shooter – they had to bust out the windows to get to him though. This #BlackLivesMatter reminds me very strongly of the New Black Panthers and their hatred, with a generous dose of the Nation of Islam thrown in. Their all-inclusive hate included corporate bashing for wealth redistribution and a die-in.

Black Lives Matter

From Gateway Pundit:

When grievance groups collide – Rainbows are just reflected white light.

Black Lives Matter at Chicago gay rights protest

Black Lives Matter activists disrupted the Chicago gay rights parade on Sunday.

One car drove through the crowd – police had to bust out its windows.

Black Lives Matter

At least two people were shot near the parade route.


No to corporate pride(?)

Black Lives Matter

The group posed for photos before the disruption.

Black Lives Matter

They shut down the streets with a die-in.

Black Out Pride, Gay Pride… whatever happened to American Pride? Is Black Out Pride a rainbow in the dark? Sorry… couldn’t resist. After all, rainbows are just reflected white light. This is just stupid. Blacks hate gays and whites… gays hate Christians and conservatives… Christian conservatives are trying to love everyone and are caught in the middle… boy, Obama and the Marxists have truly succeeded at having us at each other’s throats, haven’t they? It’s all coming unraveled; the center does not hold and violence is becoming the norm. One commenter called it the Black Lies Matter group – that’s very clever and accurate. All lives matter, not just one race or one sexual orientation group. All matter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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