Officer ‘Pays It Forward’ With Little Girl Running Lemonade Stand

Officer ‘Pays It Forward’ With Little Girl Running Lemonade Stand

Usually these stories revolve around the police officer shutting down the lemonade stand because the little girl doesn’t have the proper permits. This one is more of a feel good story…


A 9-year-old Ohio girl used a lemonade stand this week to help her raise money to buy an electronic tablet to help with schoolwork — and maybe play a few video games. She failed to raise enough money to meet her goal, but she got the device anyway, thanks to a thirsty police officer.

Rising fourth grader Gabrielle Garcar was tending to her lemonade stand Monday at her grandmother’s condo building when Zak Ropos stopped by for a cup. When the Lake County sheriff’s deputy learned what the girl planned to do with the money she raised, he pulled her mother aside.

“I told her, ‘I have an old iPad at home. I’ll go home and see what I can do with it,’” he told But once home, Ropos realized the device no longer worked, so he headed to Best Buy and purchased a brand-new electronic tablet.

With all the negative stories about police in the news, this is a great reminder of who most cops really are. Exit quotation from the 22 year old officer, “She’s 9 years old and she’s willing to work for what she wants, and I found that very admirable of her.”

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