17 State Attorneys Create Coalition To Attack Climate Skeptics

They’ve obviously never read the federal Bill of Rights nor the constitutions of their own states

(CNS News) Seventeen attorney generals from around the United States have formed a coalition “to protect and expand progress the nation has made in combating climate change” in a first of its kind partnership of law enforcement officials.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced that he would be joining the coalition in a press release Tuesday.

“Attorneys General Eric Schneiderman of New York and William Sorrell of Vermont co-sponsored the meeting, with attorneys general George Jepsen of Connecticut, Brian E. Frosh of Maryland, Maura Healey of Massachusetts, and Claude Walker of the US Virgin Islands in attendance, along with former Vice President and leading climate activist Al Gore, and representatives from a total of 17 state attorneys general offices,” the release says.

“With gridlock and dysfunction gripping Washington on the generation-defining issue of climate change, it is up to the states to lead. We stand ready to defend the next president’s climate change agenda and vow to fight any efforts to roll-back the meaningful progress we’ve made over the past eight years,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “And our offices will begin working together on important state-level initiatives, such as investigations into whether fossil fuel companies are misleading their investors about how climate change will impact their investments, fossil fuel companies, and our planet.”

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano notes Al Gore’s statement

Climate skeptics are “according to the best available evidence, deceiving the american people, communicating in a fraudulent way –  about the reality of the climate crisis and the dangers that it poses to all of us and committing fraud in their comunciations about the viability of renewable energy and efficiency and energy storage.”

“In the opinion of many who have looked at this pattern of misbehavior and what certainly looks like fraud, they are violating the law.”

As a commenter notes, “When it cannot be questioned, it isn’t science… it’s religion. And our democracy is officially dead when we begin to sanction Opinion Police.” And that’s what Warmists are going for: opinion police. We see this throughout the Progressive movement, where they are constantly moving to shut down people having “Wrongthink”, and will often use lawfare to enact their beliefs.

Do you know what would be funny? If the fossil fuels companies formed a coalition and said “fine. We’ll take all our operations out of your states, and move them to the other states. Have fun fueling all the fossil fueled vehicles the attorney generals use. Have fun with your economies. Because, do you think that these AGs will stop at investigating the fossil fueled companies? Or, will they move on to others who express skepticism?

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