McCrory Spokesman Hits Back At Hypocritical NY Governor Cuomo

As we learned yesterday, NY Governor Cuomo banned non-essential travel to North Carolina for NY State employees. Of course, if he really had gumption, if he was really super upset, he’d ban all travel, because, really, why are state employees taking taxpayer funded trips that are non-essential? A spokesperson for Governor McCrory responded

(WRAL) A spokesman for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is criticizing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo after he banned nonessential publicly funded travel to North Carolina after that state’s Legislature blocked anti-discrimination protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said Tuesday that Cuomo’s move shows “hypocrisy and demagoguery.” He questioned whether the Democrat would ask the Syracuse University basketball team to boycott the upcoming Final Four because it is hosted by Houston, where voters last year defeated a non-discrimination ordinance.

As a private university, Syracuse would not be subject to a state travel ban even if one existed.

Apparently, basketball would be considered “essential travel” in the minds of the WRAL employees, who are obviously on the side of letting gender confused people use the bathrooms of the opposite biological gender.

Ellis also noted that Cuomo last year visited Cuba, a country that he says has a “deplorable” human rights record.

The full press release reads

“Syracuse is playing in the Final Four in Houston where voters overwhelmingly rejected a nearly identical bathroom ordinance that was also rejected by the state of North Carolina,” said Governor McCrory Communications Director Josh Ellis. “Is Governor Cuomo going to ask the Syracuse team to boycott the game in Houston? It’s total hypocrisy and demagoguery if the governor does not, considering he also visited Cuba, a communist country with a deplorable record of human rights violations.”

Obviously, the part about Cuba is the primary focus, not an “also”, as portrayed by WRAL….say, does WRAL allow transgenders to use the opposite bathroom at their privately held company? Cuba is a nation with horrible human rights, yet, Cuomo visited the nation, supposedly to drum up business for NY. So far, that business is nowhere in sight.

Cuba does not allow same sex unions, per their constitution. They have no specific anti-discrimination laws for transgenders or any gays, lesbians, or bisexuals. Yet, Cuomo visited. Hypocrite.

(WNCN) Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is banning all non-essential state travel to North Carolina in protest of a new state law preventing local governments from expanding protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has also banned non-essential publicly funded travel to North Carolina in response to its legislation blocking anti-discrimination protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Well, really, again, they shouldn’t be traveling on the public dime for anything other than very essential reasons. And, this is good, since Vermont has a major heroin problem, and has even been called America’s heroin capital. Seattle employees should stay there and work on ways to attract businesses who will hire employees, considering how many jobs have been lost in the wake of their minimum wage increase.

Governor McCroy released a video statement, part of which hits back at Attorney General Roy Cooper (a Democrat, running for governor) for saying he will not defend the law in court

“Some have called our state an embarrassment. The real embarrassment is politicians not publicly respecting each other’s positions on complex issues.

“Unfortunately, that has occurred when legislation was passed to protect men women and children when they use a public restroom, shower or locker-room. That is an expectation of privacy that must be honored and respected.

“Instead, North Carolina has been the target of a vicious, nation-wide smear campaign. Disregarding the facts, other politicians, from the White House to mayors and city council members and yes our Attorney General, have initiated and promoted conflict to advance their political agenda. Even if it means defying the constitution and their oath of office.

Liberals do not care about privacy for Other People, they need to create a big deal out of tiny issues for political purposes. But, you know what? All these hyper-Leftists can stay in their hyper-leftist areas. We’d appreciate if you’d stop bringing your left wing insanity to our state.

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