57% Of Americans Think Electric Cars Suck

Apparently, Big Oil and Big Coal and Big Industry and other Big’s got to Americans with their “disinformation campaigns,” poisoning their minds with anti-Gaia propaganda or something

Nearly six of 10 Americans – 57% – say they won’t buy an all-electric car no matter the price of gas, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll.

That’s a stiff headwind just as automakers are developing electrics to help meet tighter federal rules that could require their fleets to average as high as 62 miles per gallon in 2025. And President Obama has set a goal of a million electric vehicles in use in the U.S. by 2015.

The anti-electric sentiment unmasked by the poll shows that pure electrics – defined in the poll question as “an electric car that you could only drive for a limited number of miles at one time” – could have trouble getting a foothold in the U.S.

Sheesh, what do these people have against electric vehicles, which will be apparently be powered by unicorn farts

Such cars “are very much niche vehicles. They find acceptance among a core group of passionistas, but too many questions remain for mainstream consumers,” says Edmunds.com CEO Jeremy Anwyl. He says consumers worry about range per charge, recharge time and battery replacement cost. Electrics also are priced thousands of dollars more than similar gasoline cars.

“It’s not for every consumer,” says Maurice Durand, spokesman for Mitsubishi, which is to start selling a small four-passenger electric called the “i” in the U.S. in November. The “i” can go about 80 miles on a charge, and at $27,990 plus shipping, could be the lowest-priced electric.

Oh. That’s what they have against electric cars. Spend almost $30,000, and you’d be lucky if you can get to work and back. You certainly can’t take any sort of trip with the family. What happens if you get stuck in traffic and the battery depletes? You can’t just throw a couple gallons in, eh?

And where is all this electricity going to come from? Anyhow, one day, in the future, they will surely be the way forward. I think that would be great. But, like most “green” tech, they aren’t yet ready for prime time, but the Government is still trying to force them on consumers.

Oh, BTW, all you anthropogenic global warming Believers should do away with your fossil fuel burning vehicles, and run out and get one of the electric cars. What’s that? You can’t afford them and they would hamper your lifestyle? Hmph.

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