Union Thugs Protest The Wrong Place!

I guess that getting the correct information when arranging a smear campaign and protest is not necessary when you are the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Who needs to be in the right when you are an important, powerful, politically connected union, eh? The seriousness of the charge and the effort to “raise awareness” is far more important than targeting the right people to smear, right?

It seems that the SEIU decided to picket against Marcellus Shale drilling, sometimes called hydrofracking, and the severance tax associated with it. So the government employee union picked a site in Hastings, Pennsylvania to highlight this subject and to shame the company that owns the property into siding with them.

Only one tiny, little problem. There is no Marcellus Shale drilling going on at the site they descended upon with their protests. And there never has been. It turns out the SEIU got the wrong place.

The SEIU has apologized, of course, but… well, so what? The fact that the union muffed this one so badly shows that truth and due diligence doesn’t really mean much to this union.

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As HotAir.com and Michelle Malkin have quipped, “SEIU stands for Sorry, Error in Unionizing!”

It makes one wonder just how much of what these unions do is based on a dearth of truthful information with no effort to find out what the truth is, doesn’t it?

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