AGW Insanity Today……Well, Insanity

Your daily dose of climate loony tunes. Paul Rogat Loeb is concerned about the “Republicans war on reality,” which is a real hoot considering the liberals belief that 9/11 was an inside job, Bush stole the election, socialist economies are great, government health care won’t lead to rationing, etc and so on

On the side of the skeptics you have a handful of scientists funded by Exxon, the coal companies, the Koch Brothers and other corporate sponsors who want to maintain business as usual. They claim the jury’s still out, and do this in a year when a fifth of Pakistan was flooded, when Russians fled Moscow because runaway forest fires made the air impossible to breathe, and when much of the US suffered both record temperature levels and extreme weather events like massive floods, tornadoes and ice storms.

Ad hominem attacks about Big Oil and Big Coal and stuff? Check. Blaming weather events (all of which have happened for hundreds of million of years) on global warming? Check. Blaming global warming for ice storms? Check. I suppose this is caused by global warming, too

Just a few years ago, we would have been told that cold weather was just weather. Nowadays it will be blamed on “climate change” from Mankind’s release of greenhouse gases. These people who push this and believe this are just nuts.

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