Conservative Talk Radio Recap: Oct 25-29

My all new Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

Enjoy FREE audio and webcam highlights from the world of conservative talk radio this week:

* Rush Limbaugh unveils “Reverse Operation Chaos”
* Laura Ingraham’s book “The Obama Diaries” now on stage
* Glenn Beck hints he might be quitting talk radio

and a lot more. CLICK HERE to read (and listen!)


* Sarah Palin defends fired talk show host — who has been one of her harshest critics

* FREE AUDIO: Mark Steyn talks to Hugh Hewitt on his latest censorship battles — and the time Leonard Bernstein kissed him on the lips

* NEW Rush Limbaugh spoof: Halloween at the Obama White House:

(PS: if you’ve ever wondered if you could record Rush Limbaugh and other talk radio shows off your computer, the answer is yes.)

(KATHY SHAIDLE blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now in its 10th year.)

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