AGW Today: Free Light Bulb Night At The Ball Park!

I’m not quite sure whether to be appalled or amused, to laugh out loud or do a double face palm

Xcel Energy is giving away compact fluorescent light bulbs to every person attending Wednesday’s Minnesota Twins home game, and four of those bulbs come with free tickets to future home games this season.

The energy-efficient bulbs will be given out in recognition of Earth Day, on Thursday. They will be distributed after the night game against the Cleveland Indians, lest they go airborne in still-pristine Target Field.

Let’s see, night game, lots of lights turned on illuminating the field, tons of energy being used to cook the hot dogs, burgers, fries, keep the beer cold. Tons of water used to keep the field green and hose the seats down, not to mention the number of times the toilets will be flushed. But, hey, here’s a climahysteric light bulb for you, little Timmy, on your first trip to the ball park. Yes, we know you wanted a bobble head or a Twins hat. Suck it up, little buddy. It’s a new climate alarmist world.

Meanwhile, the alarmists are blaming man made global warming for making the effects of the volcano in Iceland (don’t ask me to spell it, much less say it) worse over Europe and killing air travel.

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