Facts Have No Place in a Liberal’s Argument

I commented on my Facebook page earlier today that I enjoy a good debate. Here’s the problem. Often, an argument with a liberal results in their use of hyperbole, emotion and the creation of a logic vacuum. Let me give you an example of how logic and facts have no place in a liberal argument.

Matt Davies drew this political cartoon and it was instantly dubbed, “Brilliant.”

Let us begin the dissection.

First of all, the illustration is factually incorrect. The Tea Party demonstrations do not result in garbage and protest sign strewn across the public ground. Perhaps Davies was thinking about what disregard liberals have for where they leave their trash.

Barack Obama Inauguration, Jan. 2009

Obama supporters attending his inauguration left over 100 tons of trash on the ground.

Tea Party, Sept. 12th 2009

The 2 million man Tea Party protest in Washinton D.C. on 9/12 left about 0 trash.

The whole point of the “brilliant” cartoon, that Tea Parties have to be cleaned up after by folks who are paid by the taxes they protest, is simply not true. Tea Partiers generally don’t leave a huge mess for others to clean up.

However, let’s assume there is some build up of garbage in the park’s garbage cans. Isn’t the point of the cartoon valid?

If Tea Partiers were protesting all taxes, then yes, it would make a point.

However, they aren’t protesting all taxes. They understand that there are services a government has to provide in order to have a civil society. But let’s think about this for a second. Why does it have to be a government employee that cleans up the park? Are there any parks that are policed by private companies? Are there any parks that private organizations get together to clean?

If only there were something like a city wide cleanup day…

See, just because there is a park that needs cleaning doesn’t mean the government has to spend tax dollars to clean it up. It’s that mentality that creates a class of citizens that looks to the government to solve every problem.

We have groups that adopt a highway in most, if not all, of America’s states. Why not start an “Adopt a Park” program? In most of the major cities, this program is already underway.

Finally, the premise of the cartoon makes the assumption that taxes are the only thing the Tea Party protesters are upset about. While the term “TEA” is generally described as a acronym for “Taxed Enough Already,” excessive taxes aren’t the only thing on the agenda. Protesters also feel like their liberties are being stomped on by a nanny state government. Health care reform was also a big topic this year. Finally, some folks just feel more like subjects than citizens.

It’s about more than taxes.

These facts are either absent from a liberal’s mind or irrelevant. What good are facts anyway if they don’t support the liberal agenda? After all, the whole movement is fueled by racism, remember?

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