AGW Today: Higher Hurricane Risk For East Coast

You just know that, at some point, “climate change” will be the cause, but for now, most of the media is being cautious in their reporting

University forecasters predict the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will be above average, with 15 named storms and eight of those becoming hurricanes.

The Colorado State University report was released Wednesday, nearly two months before the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season on June 1.

In the report, forecasters William Gray and Phil Klotzbach said that El Niño conditions will dissipate by summer and that unusually warm tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures will persist, leading to favorable conditions for hurricanes to develop and intensify.

Oh, wait, El Nino? Isn’t that part of weather, which creates climate in the long term? Interestingly, the UN and the World Meteorological Organization are saying that the El Nino could last halfway through the year, lessening the strength of Atlantic hurricanes.

But, what is actually going on, which could increase the risk of a higher than average hurricane year, per CSU? CNN didn’t have it. Nor did USA Today, which also yammered on about “expected anomalously warm Atlantic ocean sea-surface temperatures”. Nor the Coloradoan. Nor most of the major media outlets. I had to get it from little

Hurricane forecasters say cooler ocean temperatures in the Pacific and warmer temperatures in the Atlantic increases the risk for the East Coast to be slammed by a hurricane this season.

Wait, how can the temperatures be cooler in the Pacific, if we are experiencing massive man made global warming? There couldn’t be some other cause for the warming trend that started at the end of the Little Ice Age, could there?

Meanwhile, a view of things to come?

Jackson Hole, Wyo.-The city limit signs could read either way: “Welcome to Jackson — an idle-free community,” or “Welcome to Jackson — No Idling. It’s the Law! Under City Ordinance No. 1001 pursuant to Municipal Code 10.04.305…”

This wouldn’t be so bad if it was about the actual real pollutants automobiles put out, but, of course, it is about CO2.

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