A Twitter Conversation With CNN’s Roland S. Martin On Racial Insults

The following is twitter conversation I had with CNN’s Roland S. Martin. He was upset at Gov. McDonnell’s issuing a proclamation declaring it Confederate History Month in the commonwealth without mentioning slavery. *He had retweeted the Donna Brazile’s tweet that she was outraged that the RNC hadn’t condemned McDonnell. Her tweet said:

“RNC Chair should have condemned this statement,along with every GOP leader.But the double standards are so apparent with the media & blogs.”

My tweets are in Italics.

@rolandsmartin I encourage anger at insensitivity, but why is it ignored in Dems and blown out of proportion with Repubs? Double standard

@rolandsmartin The DNC defended Reid when he said O could only get elected by having “no negro dialect” and being “lightskinned.”

@rolandsmartin Do you honestly believe that McDonnel doesn’t think slavery was bad privately? Really??

@KatMcKinley so why didn’t his dumb ass say this when he issued the initial statement? It’s only after he got ripped.

@rolandsmartin People make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. Wasn’t Clinton’s coffee remark a big one?

A politician making dumb statements and then apologizing is like a wife beater giving her flowers after a fight. So forget the pain/bruises?

@rolandsmartin You can’t have it both ways. If going to be offended by insensitive remarks, it has to go both ways.

@KatMcKinley I don’t speak for Dems. I speak for me. I ripped Reid and Clinton.

@KatMcKinley But the reality is you’re a blogger for Newsbusters. And you NEVER hold the GOP accountable for anything. S who r u 2 question?

@rolandsmartin What? That is completely untrue and judgmental. I can barely stand the GOP either. Don’t avoid the question by insults

@rolandsmartin I care more about issues than party. This is 1 of our problems. We lash out instead of having a discussion.I wanted honest input

@rolandsmartin It’s NOT true that Newsbusters does not hold the GOP accountable. Just not true.

@rolandsmartin Newsbusters goes after news bias anyway.

@KatMcKinley No, Newsbusters doesn’t go after news bias. It goes after supposed bias ONLY against Republicans. It never chastises the right

@rolandsmartin Please don’t tell me that you are using the excuse “He did it, so it’s ok for me to do it?”

@KatMcKinley I’m making a point about a website that doesn’t do what you yourself are criticizing. That’s the point.

@KatMcKinley Actually, you’re dead wrong. I don’t think Repubs think that. I specifically pointed out a site you write for.

@rolandsmartin Newsbusters doesn’t chastise right or left. It goes after bias against conservatives in the

It kills me that libs like @rolandsmartin actually believes that we think Repubs can do no wrong.HA!

@KatMcKinley and u can try to label me as a liberal, whatever. I don’t fall into these ridiculous ideological boxes. My views vary.

@KatMcKinley when a really dumb comment was made, your boy Matthew Balan refused to say a word about it. Danced around it furiously.*

@rolandsmartin Who is Matthew Balan. Since he’s “my boy” I should know him.

@rolandsmartin ur getting away from the discussion. Pt being you can’t condemn someone for a stupid remark re: blacks unless u condemn all

@KatMcKinley YOU ARE WRONG. I condemned Reid and Clinton. Don’t sit here and lie on me.

@rolandsmartin You did? I’d love to see it. If so, I apologize’

@rolandsmartin I went to ur blog & saw u on CNN on Reid. You completely defended him. Just as I thought. Link here.

I can find no reference at all to Pres. Clinton’s remarks saying to Kennedy that Obama would have been getting them coffee a few years ago. If Mr. Martin did condemn Clinton and Reid, I would welcome evidence of it.

*It turns out that Matthew Balan is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and covers CNN at the MRC. I guess since I write for NewsBusters and it is run by The Media Research Center, I’m supposed to know everyone there even though I live in Houston. Being that Matthew is bi racial, isn’t is bit insulting for Mr. Martin to call him,“my boy.”

If Mr. Martin were white and a conservative, I suppose we could make a big deal out of it, and force him to apologize. Even being black and a liberal, it’s still insulting. But is it really something to go nuts over?


Which was my entire point.

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*Correction. Martin had retweeted Brazile’s tweet, not tweeted it himself.

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