Vulnerable Democrats: Health Care Bill? What Health Care Bill?

Hmmmm. This super duper wonderful going to fix all the ills of the USA health care legislation has Democrats out and about, happy as clams, talking up their massively awesome legislation. No?

First-term Rep. Betsy Markey is convinced that once people learn what’s in President Barack Obama’s new health care overhaul law, they’ll support it.

But it’s not a message she was eager to carry in person to her constituents in Republican-leaning eastern Colorado. During Congress’ two-week Easter break, she reserved any discussion of health care reform for conference calls, an op-ed piece and an appearance at a small-town Rotary Club – all small-bore outreach.

After the raucous, angry town halls of last summer, Markey steered clear of massive gatherings.

Right. That whole “meeting and listening to one’s constituents” thing is just so silly.

She was not alone. Tough votes for Obama’s health care plan have further complicated the re-election prospects of dozens of already vulnerable freshman and second-term Democrats. There’s even a chance the party could lose control of one or both houses in the midterm elections.

Unpopular votes have consequences. 54% still say they want this monstrosity of a bill repealed.

In districts and states where the overhaul was most controversial, town-hall meetings have been replaced with tightly controlled business roundtables and other gatherings with voters.

In Nevada, first-term Democratic Rep. Dina Titus defended her vote for the health care bill in a newspaper piece she co-wrote and in a meeting with female doctors. Facing a vigorous GOP challenge from a Republican physician, she acknowledged treading carefully.

“It’s more of a teaching tour than a selling tour,” she said of her recent appearances.

If the legislation is so super duper great!!!!!!, then why are Democrats so loathe to discuss it with their constituents? We had a year to discuss it, and for them to “teach” those stupid We The Peoplers, yet, the majority of Americans are still against this plan. The like many of the components, but not the way it was wrapped up in a massive bill which gives the Federal government incredible power over our lives.

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