Because You Drove A Car, Alaska Had Record Snow And Record Cold, Moose Hardest Hit

Warmists really just can’t help themselves. They’re like a parrot reflexively spewing out words that they don’t understand. The setup

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Even by Alaska standards, this winter is unusual for the hardy residents of the state’s largest city.

Near-record snowfall buried Anchorage neighborhoods, turning streets into canyons with walls of snow on each side. The snow’s weight collapsed the roofs of some buildings. Moose are fleeing into the city to get away from too-deep snow.

And the city dumps are close to overflowing with snow that may not melt entirely before next winter.

The first three months of 2012 have seen twice the normal number of tornadoes. And 36 states set daily high temperature records Thursday. The Lower 48 had its fourth warmest winter on record, while Alaska had its coldest January on record.

The cause?

Two different weather phenomenon – La Nina and its northern cousin the Arctic Oscillation – are mostly to blame, meteorologists say. Global warming could also be a factor because it is supposed to increase weather extremes, climate scientists say.

“When you start to see the extreme events become more common, that’s when you can say that it is a consequence of global warming,” University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver said.

Got that? Record snow and cold are caused by too much of a trace gas necessary for life. In the past, back when there were more sane people, this would simply be “the weather.” Now, any and every weather event is blamed on Mankind living a modern life, and the Warmists are continually beating the “extreme weather” drum, because, despite an increase in CO2, the average world temperature has been flatlined for over 15 years. And it’s still not as hot as the 1930’s.

(via Tom Nelson)

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