On Contraception Mandate, HHS Runs More Rules Up The Flagpole

Far left liberal blogs, pundits, and elected lawmakers may think that the GOP opposition to the HHS contraception, sterilization, and abortifacient mandate on religious organizations is a “war on women”, but, even HHS and the Obama admin are starting to realize that the longer this debate goes on, the more the American public will come to realize that the mandate is tyrannical and violates the 1st Amendment religious clause. HHS also realizes they may have dug themselves a hole, so, they attempt to throw some ideas against the wall and see if they’ll stick

(Politico) When President Barack Obama announced his contraception compromise in February, he left the details to the Department of Health and Human Services. And on Friday, HHS tried to fill in the blanks – mostly by asking new questions.

President Obama announced in February that religiously affiliated employers – such as Catholic hospitals – will not have to cover contraception for their employees. Instead, insurers will be required to enroll their employees into the coverage free of charge.

But the final rule issued at the time did not provide any details on how this would work, leaving many questions. The document issued Friday does not fill in those blanks, but it floats ideas under consideration for implementing the policy.

And what are those ideas? They basically revolve are those institutions which self insure

– Require the companies that self-insured plans hire to manage their employee benefits, called third-party administrators, to cover the cost of these benefits out of revenues not connected with the religiously affiliated employer.

– Cover the cost of the benefit by having the new reinsurance program established by the health care reform law pay rebates to third-party administrators.

– Have a separate insurance company provide the benefit to these employees.

Must be nice living in a fantasy world, where the money just magically appears for someone else to pay the costs (first two). Or, “if you like your plan, you should still dump it to comply with the Central Planning Bureau.” Speaking of dumping plans, Politico shockingly writes a story about the real world truths of Obamacare

President Barack Obama promised over and over during the health care debate that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.”

It turns out that, for a lot of people, that isn’t true.

And the four reality based facts are

  • Some people won’t get to keep the coverage they like.
  • Costs aren’t going to go down.
  • It’s just a guess that the law can pay for itself.
  • “The more they know, the more they’ll like it” isn’t happening.

It’s a turd of a law, which interferes with individual liberty, will see its costs rise, and will cause more and more companies to drop their insurance offerings, pushing people into plans that health organizations will not want to accept because the government is cheap and is slow to reimburse. It’ll cause slow service and long waits. Rationing. It’ll put unelected and unresponsive central government bureaucrats in charge of our health. Hey, what’s not to love?

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