Brown Blames CA Wildfires On Climate Change – Deadly Winter Infernos Will Be New Normal

Brown Blames CA Wildfires On Climate Change – Deadly Winter Infernos Will Be New Normal

I’m sick of hearing what the new “normal” is going to be in regards to the climate, especially from people who have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to science. Or liberals. Practically interchangeable.

But the morons in California are going to be the most likely to believe that deadly fires in December are going to be something they deal with year after year, because they don’t understand that the planet works in cycles and sometimes – especially in a desert – you’re going to see a dry December.

I know, spooky and totally due to the fact that Linda idles her SUV in the McDonald’s parking lot while getting her McDouble and fries, right liberals?

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California Governor Jerry Brown is convinced that the sky is falling and that it’s all global warming’s fault.

Brown said in a press conference that this was to be the “new reality” in California, with millions of people having their lives and properties threatened by out of control fires that feed on anything in front of them.

He then casually mentioned that this is the result of “climate change” and that it will take a “heroic” effort from Congress if we’re to do anything about it. He also urged lawmakers to pay attention to the rise in natural disasters, as if those never happen. Sometimes they happen more than others. 2017 was a terrible year for hurricanes. Other years we don’t see any major disasters. What does that mean? That climate change was particularly bad this year? Or that in other years it’s just biding its time?

Brown needs to stop with this crap and focus on keeping his people safe and monitoring the fires, making sure they fall under control quickly. Unfortunately, he also predicts that we will see “firefighting on Christmas” which means that they are nowhere near getting this fire to a manageable level.

But again, for those in the back, it’s not unusual for California – and specifically southern California – to be exceptionally dry. It is a desert, after all. Fires are not unheard of. California also isn’t known for getting a ton of rainfall or snow, even in the winter.

Most importantly, the climate is always changing. Some years are going to be drier than others. Some years you’re going to experience unprecedented snowfall. That’s just the way it goes.

Last year by this time, I was dealing with 3 feet of snow. This year? Not a peep from the sky.

Fight the fire and stop trying to blame this on some invisible boogeyman.

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