Media Slams David Clarke As An ‘Uncle Tom’ And ‘Crazy’ Over John Lewis Comments

Media Slams David Clarke As An ‘Uncle Tom’ And ‘Crazy’ Over John Lewis Comments

I’m getting really tired of black liberals hurling racial slurs at black conservatives simply because they think differently. I mean really, how difficult is it to disagree with someone without calling them an “Uncle Tom” because they support a candidate that you don’t like?

Apparently the answer is: Very.

David Clarke went on “Fox and Friends” and made the fatal error of introducing sarcasm into the discussion of Representative John Lewis. In an effort to prove his point that Lewis is one of the most “irrelevant” members of Congress, Clarke began his answer with “John Who?”

This didn’t please Fox News’ Eboni Williams who didn’t pick up on the joke or anyone at MSNBC… one guest of the “AM Joy” show calling Clarke an “Uncle Tom” and “crazy.”

Gee and they wonder why Republicans think that the Democratic Party is more racist?

When asked what he thought of Civil Rights icon John Lewis boycotting Trump’s visit to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Clarke had a rather humorous response.

“John who?” Clarke asked. But apparently Eboni Williams didn’t get the joke and decided to pop off about all of the good things he’s done.

“John Lewis — he was bloodied on the Selma bridge, Sheriff, when trying to protest voting rights and a variety of other things,” she said.

This clip was shown of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” which led Sirius XM radio’s Mark Thompson to begin insulting Clarke almost right away.

“We’ve all known [Clarke] to be crazy and he’s an Uncle Tom — we’ve all known that as well,” Thompson said. “If it weren’t for John Lewis and the Civil Rights moment, he would never have been a sheriff and probably wouldn’t be on Fox News.”

You’re right, John Lewis and John Lewis ALONE is the reason that Clarke is a Sheriff. It couldn’t have anything to do with the rest of the civil rights movement, or MLK, or white support for the movement, nope. It’s all Lewis.

Now it’s not shocking that a left-wing person of color would stoop so low as to use a racial insult to degrade a conservative of color; it happens all the time. What I’m shocked at is the fact that with all of the things liberals find offensive these days, the term “Uncle Tom” still hasn’t been banned from their vocabulary. Of course, doing everything you can to keep black people on the Democratic plantation is an excuse for any type of behavior, including racist behavior.

Right, MSNBC?

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