Army-Navy Game’s Choir Singing National Anthem Shames Kneeling NFL Players [VIDEO]

Army-Navy Game’s Choir Singing National Anthem Shames Kneeling NFL Players [VIDEO]

Football has been a touchy subject for millions of people who love the game and love their team, but hate the fact that there are disrespectful people who kneel during the National Anthem. Unfortunately for the NFL, their sponsors and the players, there are people out there who care about our country more than they care about a few over-paid circus clowns who run into each other and try to get a dubiously inflated ball over a painted line on fake grass.

But there is at least one football game every year where we can count on all of the players, everyone in the audience and even the janitors to stand: The Army – Navy game.

The frenemies met each other on the field yet again this Saturday to battle for supremacy in a match-up that has been going down for the last 100 years.

The 118th Army v Navy game was played, but before the game could commence, the National Anthem had to be delivered. And boy did these ladies and gentlemen DELIVER.

Watch the video below:

Even in the chill and the snow, the Annapolis and West Point academy choirs joined together is a heart-warming rendition of the National Anthem, making it sound as beautiful as was intended. Not one player dropped to a knee, not one “black power” fist was raised, not one person walked out. The players, singers and audience celebrated their love of country and their patriotism.

You know, right before they started to maul each other on the football field.

But despite the fact that the two teams go head-to-head every year, they are bonded by their devotion to this country and their love of America. When the National Anthem plays, they don’t see the flaws of people, our short-comings or our innate fallibility, they see the promise of a country that is like no other. A place where people have desired to live for years, a place that is the shining beacon on the hill. America is an idea, one that was formed in the wake of living in barely-civilized oppression. Sure Americans have had our share of flaws (nobody is perfect), but this country has given us an abundant number of chances to get it right. We’re constantly evolving, constantly moving on to the next thing and making ourselves better, which is more than most other countries can say.

That’s what I see when they play the National Anthem and I assure you that’s what these people see as well.

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