Black Teen Who Tortured White Disabled Man in Facebook Video Only Gets Probation for the Crime

Black Teen Who Tortured White Disabled Man in Facebook Video Only Gets Probation for the Crime

19 year-old Brittany Covington live-streamed herself and three other friends physically and verbally abusing an 18 year-old disabled man, screaming racial slurs at him, punching him and kicking him. She, along with her 24 year-old sister, Tanishia Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hill have been held at the Cook County Jail since January when they were arrested for their crimes.

Brittany is the first of the four to be released after reaching a plea deal, including a four-year probation and barring her from contacting Cooper and Hill.

For those who may not remember exactly what went down, allow me to fill you in.

Brittany Covington here shot a Facebook Live video which featured her sister, Hill and Cooper attacking a white, mentally disabled 18 year-old male. This hate crime was broadcast to Covington’s friends and followers, and quickly went viral due to its unbelievable and shocking nature.

The man had been classmates with Jordan Hill, who kidnapped him and forced him to sleep in a stolen van for about three days. At some point, the group all went back to the Covington’s apartment and the victim got into a “play fight” with the group. Things escalated until the man was tied up in the corner, with four people screaming racial slurs at him and beating him up.

Some of the things they said to him include, but are not limited to, “kiss the floor, b—-!,” “nobody can help you anymore,” forcing him to say “I love black people” and accusing him of being a Donald Trump supporter. He was punched, kicked, forced to drink from the toilet bowl and had his clothes cut with a knife.

As a bonus, the sisters kicked down a neighbor’s door after she heard the commotion and threatened to call the police. Apparently, they stole some of her property while they were there, so you can add theft, intimidation and malicious injury to property to the list of charges she should be facing.

But while the others were ransacking the neighboring apartment, the 18 year-old man escaped and police found him wandering about a block away in shorts and torn clothing. In January.

The man’s parents had filed a missing person’s report when their son failed to return home and claimed that they received text messages from people who were claiming to be “holding him captive,” according to the police.

The other three little monsters are also in plea negotiations and may be out shortly.

For those of us who know how disgusting this crime is, it is unfathomable that these people wouldn’t be behind bars for what they’ve done. This is nothing more than a slap on the wrist and goes to show that you can physically abuse mentally disabled people and get away with it.

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