Bummer: Fenway Park Could Be Victim Of “Climate Change”

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series. Your park is dooooooooomed!

(Environmental News Service) Boston’s 101-year-old Fenway Park — where the World Series was won by the Boston Red Sox tonight for the first time since 1918 — is at increased risk of flooding due to climate change, warns the National Wildlife Federation.

Calling the baseball diamond “a diamond in the marsh,” the environmental group points out that low-lying Fenway Park took its name from The Fens, the saltwater marshland around the Muddy River on which it was built.

Parts of the neighborhood, like much of downtown Boston, were built on filled-in marshy areas, blogs the NWF’s Miles Grant. (snip)

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The environmental group wants to remind Bostonians before the upcoming mayoral election on November 5, that climate change is making flooding more likely due to “heavier rainfalls and climate change-fueled sea level rise.”

The fable includes this picture, done by the Environmental League Of Massachusetts

More unhinged and unscientific photos from the ELM are available here.

Fenway is 20 feet about sea level. The left field wall, The Green Monster, is 304-308 feet tall (depending on the measurement). That picture would seem to depict a sea rise of at least 170 feet. In reality

So, it would take over 17,000 years to see up to half of the Green Monster covered by rising seas. And Warmists call this “science”.

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