Possible New Liberal Talking Point: Those Insurance Cancellations Aren’t Real Cancellations

Democrats are desperately looking for a way to minimize the impact of the millions of health insurance cancellations in the face of (NMP) Obama’s constant “promises” regarding the ability to keep your insurance. The LA Times’ Jon Healy notes

One of the arguments made for the 2010 healthcare law was that it attacked the problem of underinsurance — the threadbare policies that offered such poor coverage, they allowed millions of Americans to be bankrupted by medical bills. Now, however, Democrats are confronting the fact that the law they wrote is forcing thousands of people to lose their current insurance plans because the coverage doesn’t meet the new standards. It’s a perfect example of the road to political hell being paved by good intentions.

When this whole thing started, one could infer good intentions. Democrats wanted to make sure that the 30-45 million Americans without health insurance, as their talking points went, were able to obtain affordable, quality health insurance. From there we ended up with the monstrosity of the “Affordable” Care Act. And people losing their plans. Along comes The NY Times’s David Firestone

A true cancellation is when someone gets a letter saying that she’s losing her insurance and cannot renew. That was common practice in the individual market for people with expensive conditions. Under the new law, no one will ever get a letter like that again. They cannot be turned down for insurance.

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The so-called cancellation letters waved around at yesterday’s hearing were simply notices that policies would have to be upgraded or changed. Some of those old policies were so full of holes that they didn’t include hospitalization, or maternity care, or coverage of other serious conditions.

Is your head spinning? How does that stack up to “if you like you’re plan, you can keep it. Period”? For the millions who are receiving cancellation notices, they’re pretty sure that the policy is cancelled, and now they have to get a new one. Period. We can add this to the one about “you can keep your plan if it’s good”. Also, Democrats are Blaming the insurance carriers.For following the law Democrats passed.

Obama is blaming “bad apples” for the cancellations. Like most issues, he doesn’t seem to have much in the way of information. Or, he’s just plain lying. Probably a bit of both. Well, a lot of both. Expect lots of campaign style speeches in the coming months.

BTW, we haven’t even gotten to the point where people can’t keep their doctor.

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