California Shows Why Globull Warming Laws Are Called “Green”

Time and time again, Climate Realists like myself have pointed out that the whole “climate change (hoax)” movement is not about actually dealing with the “carbon poison” and saving the Earth from rising temperatures (which are well within the norm for warm periods over the last 7,000 years): it’s about control and…! (via Climate Depot)

(Mercury News) For the past 10 years, California has struggled with huge budget deficits and wrenching cuts. Suddenly, however, the state is poised to raise billions from an unusual new source: the proceeds from its landmark global warming law.

The windfall could come as soon as this fall, when state officials are set to begin auctioning off pollution credits to oil refineries, power plants and other major polluters as part of a new “cap-and-trade” system.

The amounts are potentially enormous: from $1 billion to $3 billion a year in 2012 and 2013, jumping to as high as $14 billion a year by 2015, according to the nonpartisan state Legislative Analyst’s Office. By comparison, the state’s current budget deficit is $9 billion.

Of course, because of previous legal rulings, the California government will be limited as to how it can spend this windfall: they won’t be able to use it for whatever the want, but, will have to spend it on greenhouse gas reductions. Plus, there are huge numbers of lawsuits pending. And many other problems. But, fortunately, Californians will see a return as their power bills and cost of living go up

And in a follow-up interview with this newspaper, Dan Richard, chairman of the rail authority, asserted that a large portion of the money could go to fund high-speed rail.

Everyone from environmentalists to utility companies are jostling for ways to spend the money. The wish lists include renewable energy projects, bus systems and forest restoration.

So, trains that no one wants and few will take. Energy projects that produce little energy but have huge costs. In reality, we know that the Dems in the California government will find a way around any restrictions, and use the money for their pet projects. And, the companies that are required to purchase the credits will simply……leave, if they are able to. If not, they’ll raise their prices. And Californians should also get used to rolling brownouts and blackouts. Fortunately, companies are fleeing from California to other states, so, there are fewer companies using said electricity.

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