Carbon Fees Are A Way To Pay Back Mother Nature

Climate alarmists aren’t even pretending that so-called carbon fees will actually do anything anymore. Here’s a letter in the Baltimore Sun

Mr. Piette’s letter on carbon tax (“Carbon fee is a tax to redistribute wealth,” Aug. 15), demonstrates how far we have to go in environmental education. The carbon fee is not for the government, it is a payback to Mother Nature herself for the rape, burning and slow destruction of our environment that we have been doing for centuries (at no cost) and for which we show no signs of abating.

For the free market to realize the damage and to be incentivized to move to better renewable energy, the true cost of fossil fuel burning to the environment must be included in the cost to consumers. Since Mother Nature herself cannot charge us for our wanton waste of her limited resources, we institute governments to do it in her behalf. We the people institute our government to protect us from the tyranny, greed and selfishness of others, which, without government, would rape, burn and destroy our environment without limit in the name of short term profit.

We therefore ask our government to collect the carbon fee in behalf of Mother Nature to protect us from those selfish and greedy exploiters, and to place that investment in renewable energy for our own survival. Mother Nature is already coming to collect for our past greed in the potential upheaval of climate change, but the short term greed and profit of our fossil fuel appetite is not paying the price. Our children will.

I think it is safe to assume that the writer, Bob Bruninga, thinks it is just fine to assess those fees on Someone Else, but, not him.

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