Climate Change Is Turbocharging Tree Growth In Cities Or Something

Climate Change Is Turbocharging Tree Growth In Cities Or Something

Trees growing is a good thing, isn’t it? Not in Warmist World


Urban trees are growing faster than their counterparts in rural areas—a whopping 25 percent faster, according to a study published Monday.

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In an analysis of nearly 1,400 urban trees from Berlin and Munich, Germany, Cape Town, South Africa, Santiago, Chile, Hanoi, Vietnam, and other cities, researchers found that trees in metropolitan areas have been growing at faster rates than in rural areas since the 1960s. The researchers tracked mostly mature trees, with an emphasis on typical and predominant tree species for each city, and examined their growth in city centers and rural areas outside the city.

This is primarily for younger trees. When they get older, growth rates tends to smooth out. Regardless, this is means doom due to ‘climate change’

The heat island effect is to blame for the growth acceleration, according to researchers. The heat island effect, which is the way urban areas experience higher temperatures as a result of human activity, can stimulate photosynthetic activity and extend the time of the year during which trees grow. Though the idea of larger trees may suggest a positive effect, the more quickly trees age, the sooner they die. Cities will have to replace these trees sooner, according to Pretzsch.

Um, wait, the heat island effect? Check out the way they position it, not quite lying, but not quite telling the truth. Yes, it is human activity, but, it is not really from greenhouse gases, but from buildings, roads, glass, things that produce heat, all in confined areas, which tends not to dissipate like in the surrounding country side. While cities are certainly warmer than the surrounding areas, and are the result of activities by Mankind, this has little to do with ‘climate change’, as it is a localized phenomena. It is not global.

Trees have benefits ranging from increased urban biodiversity to soaking of carbon dioxide and mitigating climate change, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. Planting trees strategically in cities could cool the air between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius to reduce the urban heat island affect, which is expected to exacerbate health issues caused as a result of deadly future heat wavesin urban areas. Urban trees can also be filters for pollutants, help prevent floods and are often associated with better physical and mental health.

I recommend that cities tear down tons of buildings to plant trees, and that everyone give up their use of fossil fuels. Since so many city dwellers are Believers in AGW.

This just goes to show that no matter what, Warmists will find the negative and Doom in everything.

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