SHE’S BACK: Monica Lewinsky Emerges to Drop NUKE on the Clintons [VIDEO]

SHE’S BACK: Monica Lewinsky Emerges to Drop NUKE on the Clintons [VIDEO]

Monica Lewinsky has been pretty quiet over the years since her salacious affair with Bill Clinton in the White House. She has made periodic appearances in the national media from time to time, but they are infrequent. The intern was vilified by Hillary Clinton, the media and the left in general. She was ridiculed by the right. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton emerged unscathed. Lewinsky recently made waves when she joined the #MeToo movement on Twitter started by Alyssa Milano for victims of sexual harassment and abuse. She has been a source of jokes on the Internet for decades now, which strikes me as extremely unfair considering Billy-boy’s actions.

Lewinsky is now 44. She is now sharing her experiences with cyber-bullying and has disclosed that she felt ‘the whole world was laughing’ at her. It takes a strong woman to hold her head high after something high profile like that happens. I’ll give it to Lewinsky, she’s done exactly that. She’s now actively campaigning against cyber-bullying and she is encouraging people to ‘click with compassion’. Lewinsky is also sharing tips with others on how to cope with being targeted after losing her ‘digital reputation’ overnight.

She was bluntly asked what she would say to her younger self and responded: “Hold on to who you are.” Lewinsky remembers all too well being mocked over the ‘blue dress’ and cigars on message boards and comment threads in 1998 when the scandal broke. Plus, there’s always the DC gossip train that was in full swing with the media at the time. Monica went on to say, “It’s hard for us to imagine in today’s world because of the Internet, things break within seconds, but from a personal perspective, to have gone to bed as a private person and to awaken the next morning with the world knowing me was shocking. There was no one who had gone through an online scandal in the same way losing a digital reputation overnight,” she added. That’s very true.

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Bill Clinton was the most powerful man in the world at the time and he took advantage of a young, smitten intern. Then he threw her to the wolves and went on with his life and debauchery. I’ve always felt sorry for Lewinsky. My only caveat here is she should have come out long ago against the Clintons in public. She would have found a world of support waiting for her. But shame and regret are funny things. So is fear, if you get my drift.

Lewinsky has worked as a fashion designer and as an activist since that time. She advised people to think before you click and she recommended asking yourself whether you’d say what you’re typing to someone’s face. Good advice. Lewinsky also urged people not to click on anything that publicly shames another person and to support people who are suffering by sending messages and even nice emojis so they feel less alone. More good advice and I try to do that as well.

Lewinsky was only 24 years-old when Bill Clinton took a fancy to her. That was 20 years ago. The scandal blew open wide when she made the mistake of confiding in a female colleague about the affair. Clinton at first forcefully denied the allegations, saying in January that year in a public statement: “I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me … I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” And thus the argument over the phrase ‘sexual relations’ began. He did not include oral sex in his definition or his other activities.

Eventually, Bill Clinton would admit in August of 1998 that he had an inappropriate relationship with Lewinsky. She said on a recent interview, “What’s different about being harassed or shamed online is there’s no border, it’s not at school or if I made a gaffe at a dinner party where it’s a contained audience, when it happened online you feel like the whole world is laughing at you. I couldn’t count how many horrible things people online had said about me, but I could count when somebody said something face to face on one hand,” she added.

Bill Clinton helped ruin this girl’s life and not only that, he raped women and has never had to answer for it. Where is the justice in that? Lewinsky and his other victims deserve that justice once and for all.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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