Congressman Lies About Global Warming Claiming It Has Killed 7,000 Americans, Claim Proven FALSE

Congressman Lies About Global Warming Claiming It Has Killed 7,000 Americans, Claim Proven FALSE

If there’s any kind of problem, anywhere in the world, there’s an easy culprit to blame for it: global warming! Global warming zealots keep pushing this myth, and taking it to crazier and crazier levels, to where a congressman has been claiming that 7,000 Americans have been killed in one year alone.

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Virginia Democratic Rep. Don Beyer repeated the claim that more than 7,000 Americans were killed by “climate change-fueled” natural disasters last year in an attempt to tie burning fossil fuels with extreme weather.

The claim, however, is patently false, according to Politifact. It’s also a horribly misleading based on the data.

Beyer has at least twice this year made the claim that “more than 7,000 Americans lost their lives to climate change-fueled events last year.” Politifact took a close look at Beyer’s claim and rated it “false.” Beyer’s staff even admitted making an error in the claim, saying it should have referred to global deaths from natural disasters, and not just U.S. deaths. (The number cited by Beyer also includes earthquakes… which aren’t related to climate)

The misleading nature of Beyer’s claim goes even further; to the heart of the global warming debate. Democrats and environmentalists have been working hard to try and tie in nearly every natural disaster or severe weather event to global warming.

Indeed, Beyer himself argued that “[g]lobal temperature changes are causing prolonged droughts, extreme weather events and rising sea levels” adding that “[m]illions more are at risk unless we act to reverse the disastrous effects.” But such claims are dangerously misleading.

… IPCC data shows “no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century. … No robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.”

Next time you stub your toe or your car won’t start, try giving this congressman a call. Maybe he can figure out a way to blame that on global warming, too.

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