Watch: Passengers Quickly Flee As Their Bus Is Swallowed Up [Video]

Not exactly a sinkhole. More like a flash flood that washed away most of the road and the bus fell into the washout. After living in Nevada and Arizona for years, I’m very familiar with violent flash floods and the damage they can do. Those people were lucky to get out of that bus when they did. The flood washed the bus away and it was bashed about like a ping pong ball, only with a lot more damage. I’m just glad no one was hurt in the flood and the destruction it dealt out.

From Sky News:

Travellers manage to scramble to safety seconds before their bus is swallowed up by a hole in the road and is swept away.

Passengers just managed to scramble to safety in time when the bus they were travelling in was suddenly swallowed by a sinkhole.

The dramatic moment was caught on video as the bus was fell into the crater and was swept away by rushing floodwater.

Authorities say no-one was hurt in the incident. It happened on a road near the cities of Itaitube and Ruropolis in northern Brazil.

That bus just tipped into the hole and the flood waters as easy as can be. It floated like a giant rubber ducky – only a lot heavier and deadlier. Mother Nature can really be brutal and harsh at times. Brazil is infamous for their tremendous flash floods. Looks like the whole road is a loss and I would get far, far away from it. The road must have given way with almost no warning. It’s a miracle they all got out of there in one piece.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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