Cult Of Climastrology Members Now Tattooing Themselves With Their Birth Year CO2 Level

We learn about this from Warmist Morgan Curtis, who learned about this new fad after taking a long fossil fueled flight to Europe, before engaging in Climate Journey, ending up in Paris

Why I left the Paris Climate Summit with an activist tattoo

I never imagined I would get a tattoo during the U.N. Climate Summit in Paris. Yet here it is, newly healed and permanently inked on the inside of my right wrist.

The tattoo is three numbers and a symbol: “355<” in 25-point font, styled as if from a typewriter. It’s my commitment to the people of the climate movement, to listening to and sharing their stories of climate justice.

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When I was born in October 1991, the concentration of carbon dioxide — the primary greenhouse gas emitted by human activity — in our atmosphere was 355 parts per million. In the early 20th century, we topped 300 ppm for the first time in 800,000 years, beginning the destabilization of our climate and society through rising planetary temperatures.

I never knew these exact numbers before, but now that they’re printed on my wrist, I will never forget.

She was in one of the typical Warmist workshops, learning about how to force everyone else to live the life Warmists refuse to live themselves, how to tax Other People, the typical Cultist stuff, in this case, a “sustainable activism” workshop, when she learned of what is called Birthmark, whereby idiots tattoo themselves with the CO2 level of their birth year.

To be honest, I’ve seen dumber tattoos, as I’m sure you have. Of course, having a tattoo like this means that those Warmists will be certain to want to explain it to everyone, much like the joke about Vegans having to tell everyone they are a vegan.

I originally wasn’t sure where on my body to get the tattoo, until I remembered the action I was committing to. My tattoo provokes stories, visible each time I shake the hand of someone new, or share a cup of tea with a friend. Christian decided the same. I had tears in my eyes

In other words, a reason to preach and screech at everyone.

This comes via Steven Milloy, who calls this the latest in climate idiocy. One of the people in his comments notes

Instead of using trendy fads, why don’t you find some real proof of any problem and tattoo that on your self – would mean much more to be a positive human than a sheeple! (IMHO)

Better yet, Warmists should live the life they expect the Government to force Everyone Else to live if they think this issue is so real and dangerous. Show us the way. Because if they refuse to do all this, why should we believe them?

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