Liz Mair To Ann Coulter: “You’re In No Way A Conservative”

An epic showdown between two politico wonks. On one side, you have Ann Coulter, who has seemed to relish going way over the line over the past few years, and has lost much of her charm among Conservatives. On the other, you have Liz Mair, Republican media consultant, who, let’s face it, has been attached to multiple losing Republicans (McCain/Palin, Romney, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker (presidential bid)). She’s also a big Libertarian. It made for good TV, for at least the few who watch MSNBC (video available at the link)

(Mediaite) Ann Coulter and Liz Mair fought on MSNBC tonight over Donald Trump‘s conservative credentials… and at one point, Coulter’s own credentials.

Mair repeatedly told Chris Matthews that Trump is a liberal who is to the left of Hillary Clinton on some issues, but said many conservatives only like him because of his immigration stance.

Ann mostly argued the exact same thing, except that Trump’s liberal leanings do not matter, because he’s talking about immigration, and wants to do something about it. I guess it doesn’t matter to Ann that Trump has also talked about amnesty once a wall is built, or that he doesn’t talk about other measures that would limit illegal immigration. I can almost understand Ann’s attachment to Trump, because she has been such a big supporter of stopping illegal immigration. But, he has many leanings to the left of Hillary. And, a lot that are Republican/Conservative.

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They also differed on the question of whether Cruz is a natural-born citizen. Mair said yes, while Coulter said it’s a problem. Mair pointed out that Coulter was on the other side of this issue three years ago. Coulter’s response? “I changed my mind.”

Coulter stated ““Natural born … means you have to be born within the country,” she said.” Via Twitter we see

The fight got even better, when Ann said her dream ticket would be Trump/Romney

Mair concluded, “That is the proof right there that you are in no way conservative and no way interested in conservative policy.”

Let’s not forget that Ann was a major Chris Christie supporter. You can see Donald Trump’s positions here, many of which, as stated, are Conservative. But, he’s also, as mentioned, discussed amnesty. Other than just building a wall and deportations, he has a few ideas, some of which are good, some won’t make much of a difference. He was pro-choice, then he switched to pro-life. Maybe he’s legitimate, maybe not. He’s yammered on about wanting Canada’s universal health care system. He’s favored a ban on “assault weapons”. Many of his economic policies are very much liberal. He approves of taking private property for government to give to other private entities.

Say what you will, Trump is pumping up a lot of liberals and moderates, with a smattering of libertarians and conservatives. His support is not eroding. Would he be better than any Democrat running? You bet. Would I prefer him over Rubio or Cruz? Heck no.

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