Cult Of Climastrology Using Kids As Human Shields

The CoC is doing a wonderful job of brainwashing and indoctrinating children on the subject of “climate change”, turning them into Good Little Comrades, and turning them into anxiety riddled messes.

(Daily Caller) Environmentalists are now using kids to “school” lawmakers on the science behind man-made global warming.

On Tuesday, six high schoolers from states “hard hit” by global warming will go to Capitol Hill to try and convince lawmakers skeptical of man-made global warming that it’s real and it’s impacting peoples’ lives today.

“What I know about climate change is that it’s real, it’s man-made and there’s scientific evidence to back it up,” Helen Winston, a high schooler from Nebraska, said in a video produced by the liberal campaign group Avaaz.

Levy, Thompson and Winston will target four Republican senators on their hill visits Tuesday within their respective states. Other high schoolers will target Republicans from North Carolina — a state that recently lost a Democratic Senate seat in the 2014 election.

Let’s see: Nebraska, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. How did these snowflakes travel to Washington, D.C.?

The push comes as Avaaz releases a new poll showing that 90 percent of 8th graders accept the theory that global warming is mostly man-made. The implication of the whole campaign is that high schoolers and 8th graders are more knowledgeable about climate science than their state’s own elected officials.

“As we release fossil fuels that have been trapped under our earth for millions and millions of years, we’re going to warm the planet, and that’s just from a 6th grade science level. It baffles me that these senators can’t grasp that,” high schooler Bailey Recktenwald of North Carolina told the blog Grist.

So, they’re taking fossil fueled trips to complain about fossil fuels? Obviously, they’re not only learning agitation, but also climahypocrisy. Nothing surprising there.

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