Surprise: Eric Holder Also Used Secret Email Aliases

Recently, Michelle Malkin compiled a list of all the email shenanigans from those within the Most Transparent Administration Evah!!!! She needs to add yet another, though, at least as far as we know, this isn’t as bad as Hillary Clinton’s problems

(Breitbart) Attorney General Eric Holder used secretive email accounts under aliases during his tenure at the Justice Department, raising fresh questions about the Obama administration’s compliance with federal records laws as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reels from her own email scandal.

Holder has emailed under the nom de plume “Henry Yearwood” in the past, former Justice Department officials say. The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that Holder had used three aliases. The current is unknown.

Unlike Clinton, who used a personal email account and her own private email server, preventing government officials from possessing the emails for record-keeping purposes while she was in office, Holder’s email address is a government, email address.

The DOJ states that the secret email account in no way interfere with Congressional oversight nor FOIA requests. As long as the requester knows what those email addresses are that no one knows. And, “the official told The Huffington Post. Holder has used the aliases to prevent spam and to keep his inbox from being overwhelmed by the public, not to avoid transparency..” Apparently, the federal government cannot afford a decent spam filter with their teeny tiny $3.8 trillion budget. And, how dare you pesky Citizens dare email the top cop! But, wait, it gets better!

(Politico) Only hours after Hillary Clinton answered questions at the U.N. about her use of a personal email address while at the State Department, the Justice Department revealed that Attorney General Eric Holder has used government multiple email aliases. Shortly afterward, an NBC affiliate, News-4, reported that former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel had used a personal email address in at least one correspondence.

In Hagel’s defense, it may, may, have been a mistake, since he does carry two Blackberrys, one for personal and one for government, and may, may, have made mistakes in using the wrong one. That said, that excuse is rather hard to believe, in light of all the other email shenanigans from Obama appointees.

Meanwhile, John F. Harris said Hillary was essentially saying “go to hell” to the media with her news conference. John Hideraker dives into what Hillary said and what she didn’t say.

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