Global Warming Alarmism Cult Prompts Murder-Suicide

The Global Warming cult scored its first known Kool-aid moment this weekend. From the UK Daily Mail:

A seven-month-old baby girl survived three days alone with a bullet in her chest beside the bodies of her parents and toddler brother.

Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming.

Her parents said they feared the effects of global warming in a suicide note discovered by police.

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How many parents have had to calm their child’s fears about the global warming pseudo-science being presented as fact every day in the schools? Is it so surprising that people would be so afraid that the best solution they can find is to eliminate themselves?

Really, that’s the fundamental belief of AGW, right? People are evil. They suck up resources. The world would be a better place with less people. And oh, by the way, we’re all going to die in the next few years anyway. Might as well take control of it.

These people heard the messages loud and clear and acted on them. It shouldn’t be surprising.

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