AP: Unions Stymied Under Obama?

The Associated Press posted a story lamenting that Big Labor has failed so far to get Obama to heel by their commands. Big Labor has said “jump” and Obama has but skipped. The article is correct, though, that Big Labor has failed in its two biggest goals: socialist healthcare and card check. At least, they’ve failed so far.

A third failure has also been forced upon Big Labor. As a result of newly seated Republican Senator Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, Big Labor was not able to install Craig Becker as the head of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Becker was Big Labor’s back up plan in case Congress didn’t pass the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), or the card check bill. Being a former Big Labor lawyer and activist, labor groups expected that if installed as NLRB chief Becker would change rules, alter processes, and invent systems that would implement card check through the back door instead of through actual legislation.

But Becker has had his nomination stymied so far with even some Democrats finding his past activism a bad fit for a job that is supposed to be held by a fair arbiter between the business community and labor, setting federal rules for both to abide by.

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As the AP reports all these brick walls that Big Labor has suddenly found itself blocked by is a hard pill to swallow after they’d spent over $400 million to get Obama elected.

Of course, the story also mentions that unions have been steadily losing members for decades and commands a far, far smaller number of voters than it ever did. This is another reason that, for all its money spent on politicians, Big Labor is losing influence in Washington. After all, a politician might be beholden to the tall cash that unions give them for campaigns, but the less actual votes that unions can deliver undercuts that financial influence.

But this story does show several things that are important to remember where it concerns unions.

#1- Big Labor has no respect for the legislative process
#2- Big Labor has no respect for the voter’s will
#3- Big Labor thinks that they can buy a government

These are important points to remember to put Big Labor’s arrogance and essential un-American philosophy in perspective. Big Labor is a pernicious influence in American life.

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